Flea control in Leeds, Ilkley and Otley
Pestek Pest Control are a professional flea pest control company in Leeds West Yorkshire.
"We moved into a new house and it looks the the previous occupier had left us a gift... Fleas were in just about every room. Pestek treated the whole house for £80 wich was the cheapest quote by a long way"

J Sullen, Adel Leeds

Flea Pest Control Company Leeds
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Flea Control Leeds, Ilkley & Otley

Flea control Leeds, Ilkley & Otley
Flea Control Leeds

Flea Problem? our Flea treatments are available 7 days a week and come with a 100% complete eradication guarantee.

We have been controlling fleas in domestic properties in Leeds and the surrounding area since 2008, and unlike many of our competitors we are fully trained in the correct and safe use of professional insecticide formulations.

The price for guaranteed flea control in domestic properties will depend on the number of rooms and the level of infestation our treatments are guaranteed for the whole season not just for a few weeks!!!Call today for a quote

We provide

Fixed price whole house treatments with no VAT!

Guaranteed flea eradication!

Fully qualified pest control technicians!

Same day service!

Pet and child safe treatments!

Discreet unmarked vehicles!

Credit and debit card payments accepted!

We can also provide a service to keep your property insect free all year round. The price for a yearly insect control contract will depend of the size of the area, property type, traveling distance etc. Please call to arrange a free no obligation site survey.

Watch out for cowboy pest control companies!!!

Many of the companies advertising as Leeds based pest companies are actually based in Derby, many have been featured on the BBC TV show Rogue Traders.

These out of town companies often charge 3 times what a reputable local trader would change for a simple flea spray treatment. Always ensure that the company you call is an reputable qualified & insured local company and is not simply using a fraudulent Google listing, How many pest controllers have an office in the centre of Leeds?.

Call your local flea control expert!!!

Control of Flea is if you have the correct modern insecticide formulations is a very simple process. The treatment involves applying a professional grade insecticide throughout the property. You will need to make arrangements to vacate the property for a couple of hours post treatment pest will also need treating with a prescription treatment to prevent re infestation. We provide a 100% guarantee that the beetle infestation will be completely eradicated.
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